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Visit to Wardenclyffe

Posted May 21, 2011

Outside Wardenclyffe main building

Outside Wardenclyffe main building, on April 22, 2011.

Members of the Tesla Science Center Board visited the Wardenclyffe site again on April 22, 2011, to see the current condition of the property. The visit was prompted by the organization’s continued progress toward acquisition of the site. Along with the facilities manager for Agfa and the company’s real estate agent, accompanying the TSC Board members were two videographers who recorded the conditions, and a still photographer, who also recorded the visit.

The TSC Board was dismayed to see that there had been several break-ins to the building and additional vandalism that left the building in a more deteriorated shape than during their last visit in 2009.

The Board discussed the next steps toward acquisition, and the additional work that would be required to make the site usable as a museum and science learning center. The building facilities manager allowed the group to take some old documents from Agfa’s tenure at the site, to be held for possible use in an historical survey exhibit of the site’s use.

Following the visit, the videographers created a Public Service Announcement to promote the rescue and restoration of Wardenclyffe. See it here:

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