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Stellar Response to Global Fundraising Campaign

Posted August 16, 2012

Yesterday, working with, we launched an global capital funding campaign, to raise enough money to save Wardenclyffe. The response has been truly phenomenal. During the first day alone, the campaign has raised over $440,000. Thank you, Tesla fans and supporters! It is truly humbling to be a part of such a generous and dedicated community! is a website created by a Tesla fan who has an enormous internet following. Its creator, Matthew Inman, heard about the need for funds to purchase the Wardenclyffe site, and volunteered to help with that effort.

The goal of the campaign is to raise $850,000, which would allow us to have access to a matching grant for the same amount that has been made available by New York State, and then to purchase the property.

Contributors to the organization will receive thank-you gifts depending upon the size of their contribution. They range from photographs and t-shirts to admission to a Tesla conference in New York City and a night at the New Yorker Hotel, where Tesla lived the last years of his life.

We have been trying to save the 15+ acre site in Shoreham where Nikola Tesla, the father of robotics, remote control, alternating current, and radio, had a laboratory. It is the last laboratory anywhere in the world where Tesla worked. Still remaining at the site is the original building designed by famous architect Stanford White, and the octagonal foundation for Tesla’s iconic Wardenclyffe tower, which he intended to use to transmit wireless messages and energy over 100 years ago. It is our plan to create a science center and Tesla museum at the site, including a physics playground, an auditorium, and other attractions. The site is currently owned by Agfa Corporation, which is asking $1.6 million for it.

Please look for updates to the campaign on Twitter (#teslascience) and on our Facebook page (Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe). And please contribute at


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