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Campaign to Save Wardenclyffe Raised $1,370,511!

Posted October 6, 2012

Thank you all for your generous support!

Matthew Inman (,, Joe Sikorski and friends (, Dusan Stojanovic (, Greg Tally (Best Western Denver Southwest), and other distinguished donors (you know who you are), you are our heroes! (See the final results here.)

Within the first week we reached the primary goal of $850,000 needed to access the full amount of the reimbursement grant from NY State, for expenses toward the purchase of Wardenclyffe. On August 24, we crossed the 1 million dollar mark. To understand how much restoration will be needed, watch this public service announcement video from our friends at Fragments From Olympus.

We will continue to raise funds on our website (click the Donate button on our pages). They will allow us to secure the site and begin its restoration. Let’s keep up the momentum!


  • Individual contributions
  • Fund-raising events
  • Contact people you know
  • Individuals/companies/foundations who could make a major contribution
  • Celebrities who can publicize our goals

We have all rolled up our sleeves and really got working! The campaign at (more) has been an awesome beginning. With your help, we can accomplish also the next phases!

Learn about last year’s Tesla Conference 2011—Exploring Tesla’s Technologies through videos of the presentations at Visit also Fragments From Olympus, which has made the preservation of Wardenclyffe a centerpiece of their film-making enterprise.

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