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Website Update Completed

Posted April 30, 2013

Welcome to our new home page. We hope you like the fresher colors of the headings and the more compact size of the text. Most of all, we can now place news items directly on the front page, keeping you informed and our website fresh.

Over the past couple of months, many people have told us that the website should be more up-to-date. Unfortunately, we had designed a static home page which primarily informed visitors about our mission to save Wardenclyffe and about how they could contribute to this great cause.

When the environmental cleanup at Wardenclyffe was still ongoing—before the property was for sale—we focused on writing a few comprehensive updates each year, along with updates on our outreach efforts, all of which are available in the News & Events section. Since the late summer of 2011, we used our Facebook page and the Twitter feed in the sidebar to inform about ongoing activities. For occasional announcements on the front page, a static page was then still sufficient.

The events of the past several months, however, have made it clear that we needed a new approach. We hope that the reorganized front page will keep the website fresh and provide access to more detail than our brief Facebook and Twitter feeds can convey.

In preparation for the upgrade, we have converted the updates from the past one-and-a-half years that had appeared only on the front page into regular News & Events posts. They are now part of our published story. As we complete the upgrade, we may back-fill  more updates, including the posts from our news archive.

We hope you will find the reorganized front page useful.