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Volunteer Cleanup at Tesla Site Continues

Posted May 23, 2013

Update on Saturday, May 25 at 7 AM: Today’s cleanup is CANCELLED due to the weather!

The cleanup at the Tesla site continues on Saturday, May 25, 2013 from 9 AM to 12 noon, weather permitting. One group will do general light yard work and pick up trash outside the fence. Another, smaller group will begin clearing future work areas from poison ivy plants, to make those areas safer for the volunteers. We have slots for about 25 to 30 volunteers and will work in smaller teams. Enter through the main gate on Randall Road, west of the Shoreham Fire Department on Route 25A. Sign up here and come any time between 9 AM and 12 noon; park on site, and sign a waiver of liability before beginning to work.

The general yard work will focus on the following tasks: finish the cleanup in the center island of the main parking lot (cut stumps, and remove leaves and branches); clean up under and around several patches of yews; remove trash/debris and leaves along the path to the Tesla building; trim bushes near the tower base and clear a path around it; pick up trash along the outside perimeter; and cut down invasive vegetation on the corner of Route 25A and Randall Road.

Volunteers should bring leaf rakes, flat shovels, branch cutters, and pruning shears. Please mark your tools with your name. Our primary concern is everyone’s safety (as well as the integrity of the historic structures). Please wear work clothes and closed-toe shoes and bring gloves. Please beware of deer ticks, poison ivy, and glass shards.

More information for volunteers for poison ivy removal

Please come close to 9 AM so that you can hear the team leader’s instructions. We will practice removing poison ivy plants by hand, without the use of chemicals. We will start in the areas between the Tesla laboratory and the tower base, where there are many plants. We will use gloves and plastic bags to avoid direct contact with the plants. Please plan on putting, e.g., a dry-cleaning bag on your car seat before you begin working, to protect the seat on your way home.

Procedure: We will loosen dirt around the roots of the plants with a trowel. We will pull out the plant with our hand inside a plastic bag; if necessary, invert the bag to enclose the plant; dispose of plant in trash bag. Use new protective bag as necessary.

Please wear protective work clothes that covers the entire body, to avoid direct contact of skin with poison ivy. Please wear a long-sleeved shirt and long trousers. Wear sturdy closed-toe shoes and pull socks up over ends of pants. Some gardeners have suggested to rub clean dry soil over hands and lower arms, to protect against poison ivy oils.

After work, please wash off exposed areas (hands, arms, face) with good strong soap in order to remove any poison ivy oils. Shower thoroughly (use strong soap). Wash your work clothes separately; wash tools. It is probably a good idea to wipe off the steering wheel and gear shift handle as well.

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