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Highlights from the 2nd Tesla Memorial Conference

Posted February 4, 2014

Jane Alcorn and Nick Lonchar

Jane Alcorn and Nick Lonchar

The 2nd Tesla Memorial Conference took place at the New Yorker Hotel in NYC on January 11, 2014.

Jane Alcorn gave a PowerPoint presentation to show people what progress had been made at the Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe since its purchase on May 2, 2013. There were many photos:  special donors for the Indiegogo campaign, the signing of the final papers for the purchase, volunteers at work on the grounds, the statue presentation, the thank-you barbecue for volunteers, and the People of the Year award to volunteers. Specific people were thanked by name.

Jane ended on a comment on what lies ahead. She pointed out that much work remained and that funding was still needed. It would not be a quick process. We wanted to do it right, not fast.

Neil Baggett, Bernard Carlson, and Jane Alcorn

Bernard Carlson gave a presentation on his  recent book about Tesla, “Tesla, Inventor of the Electrical Age.” Carlson pointed out the need for good business partners, team engineering, and marketing—in Tesla’s day and today.

Carlson ended with a quote from John Stone Stone. “I misunderstood Tesla. I think we all misunderstood Tesla. We thought he was a dreamer and visionary. He did dream and his dreams came true, he did have visions but they were of a real future, not an imaginary one.”

Afterwards he posed with Neil Baggett and Jane Alcorn, secretary and president, respectively, of the Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe.

Marko Vujovic presented information about The Tesla Collection at

This free, searchable database of works about Tesla has recently become available online. It should be an important resource for Tesla fans. The information had been collected over a period of 4 years by Marko’s mother, Iwona Rudinska, and Marko has made it available online.

Joe Sikorski presented several of his latest works. He showed a documentary called Tower to the People, featuring interviews and images.  He also showed a documentary about the process of creating an accurate scale model of the tower from drawings obtained from Belgrade. The model will be used in his film, Fragments from Olympus, and it will be available for others to use after the film is finished. We are eagerly awaiting updates on these projects and hope that a greater audience will be able to admire them, too.

Brian Yetzer explaining his augmented reality project

Brian Yetzer had a table to display his augmented reality software.  The camera of an iPad recognizes the image of a Tesla coil on a poster or a T shirt and illustrates how the Tesla coil works. The process he went through to produce a realistic illustration was intriguing. He communicated with Gary Petersen remotely to get an accurate description and illustration. At the time of the conference, Brian was doing a crowd-funding campaign with Indiegogo for funding to pay for expertise to complete the project. The campaign ended successfully on January 23, with over $5000 donated.

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