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Anniversary message

Posted May 2, 2014

On May 2, 2013, the Board of Directors visited the law offices of Squire Sanders in 30 Rock in New York City to finalize the purchase of Wardenclyffe. On our way home from the closing we noticed a sign along the highway. “Nothing happens unless first a dream,” it said.

We thought it was very appropriate for us. Tesla had worked at Wardenclyffe pursuing his dream. For years we had been pursuing our dream. “Pursuing the dream” was one of the phrases we used in promoting the goal of saving Wardenclyffe.

On that day last year we had achieved, with the help of worldwide assistance, one part of that dream. This year on Friday, May 2, 2014, we commemorate that milestone with enormous satisfaction, deep appreciation, and great awe.

We are enormously satisfied with the progress that has been made in reclaiming Wardenclyffe as we move toward the establishment of a center for science, innovation, and learning in honor and memory of Nikola Tesla. The work accomplished at Wardenclyffe within this last year has been astounding.

We have deep appreciation for all the volunteers who have willingly given time, skill, talent, energy, and enthusiasm to bring Wardenclyffe so far in such a short time. There is no way that we would be at this point without the volunteers.

We are in great awe of the continued dedication of so many people to this cause. We are contacted frequently by people who have just learned of this project, are eager to be part of the effort, to make a contribution, and to be involved.

TSC Board of Directors at base of Tesla's former tower on first anniversary

Many reasons to celebrate: TSC Board of Directors thanks their countless supporters at first anniversary

So, to everyone who has been part of this project, we send “Happy Anniversary” greetings, and our thanks for the continued participation of Tesla fans, community supporters, worldwide enthusiasts, and everyone who has joined with us toward the creation of a center worthy of Nikola Tesla and his legacy.

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