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Scouts help out at Wardenclyffe

Posted June 18, 2014

Rocky Point Scout Pack 244

Rocky Point Scout Pack 244 helps out at Wardenclyffe

A few weeks ago, on Sunday, April 27, 2014, Rocky Point scout pack 244 visited the Tesla property in Shoreham. Pack leader Erin Duenas arranged to have the scouts complete volunteer work at the site. Tesla Board of Director’s Vice President Gene Genova greeted the pack and gave them a tour of the tower, statue, and lab building areas.

Rocky Point Scout Pack 244 at Wardenclyffe entrance

Scouts working hard at Wardenclyffe entrance

There were many questions from the scouts and parents. The group was excited to be on site and be part of the cleanup effort that is now well into its second season.

Twenty nine scouts and their parents worked extremely hard for two hours. They raked leaves from the main parking lot lawn area and planted flowers in large clay pots near the main gate and Tesla statue. When they left, there was a marked difference in the appearance of the Tesla property.

Thank you scouts!

Rocky Point Scout Pack 244 at Tesla statue

Scouts planting flower pots at Tesla statue

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