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Tesla Meets Tesla videos

Posted November 4, 2014

Videos from the recent Tesla Meets Tesla event including several interviews are available at

Video streaming by courtesy of Kevin Wood.

About thirty Tesla car owners from the mid-Atlantic region of the United States had driven their beautiful Tesla cars to Wardenclyffe. On a beautiful Saturday morning, they helped as volunteers clean up the grounds. They removed a large pile of wood debris, cleared remaining areas of the parking lot, and trimmed back invasive vegetation. In the afternoon, when the site was open to the public, the car owners showed their cars to the visitors and educated them about the technology behind these luxurious and silent cars.

A video of the event program features a report from Jane Alcorn, TSC president, on the latest developments and the long-term vision for the Tesla Center; Neil Baggett, TSC secretary, told visitors about Tesla the inventor and how his century-old work benefits our lives today; Jim Thompson, organizer of the event, talked about why the Tesla owners made this road trip and their fundraising plans for TSC; and Will Nichols, a representative of Tesla Motors described the technology of the cars and the widespread system of no-cost “superchargers”.

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