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His Name Is a Household Word. Who Was He?

Posted January 5, 2018

NYTimes_Dec2017This recent article in The New York Times by author John F. Wasik sends a powerful message: Nikola Tesla was a giant of innovation who, despite financial challenges, made remarkable contributions to science that are only now being truly recognized. Tesla envisioned a better future for mankind, motivating him to develop technology that benefits us every day, from electrical systems and wifi to fluorescent lighting and remote controls. Tesla continues to inspire us at TSCW, as we strive to restore Wardenclyffe into a science center for the innovators of today and tomorrow. These scientists, researchers and businesses face the same challenges that hindered Tesla, and there is critical need for laboratory and incubation space to support their work. Also important are the educational programs, exhibits and events offered by TSCW; these are the foundations of a science museum at Wardenclyffe that will honor Tesla’s legacies and motivate future generations.

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