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Newsday: Long Island Our Story

Posted May 14, 2011

Once a special website of Long Island’s regional daily newspaper, Newday, this treasure trove of information about the region and its people now seems to be available only as a (large-format) book. A search for Tesla had revealed further information; among them the following:

  • A Battle Over the Air Waves” (broken link; on the beginning of radio transmission, and the subsequent feud over proper attribution; involving Lodge, Marconi, and Tesla).
  • “Nikola Tesla: The Wizard of Wardenclyffe” in “Inventive Minds“ (broken link).
  • Shoreham” (broken link; some information on the town’s previous names).
  • Special Treasures“ (broken link; information that the Patchogue-Medford Public Library has a collection on Nikola Tesla).

(The original website was at We welcome any information on its present location.)