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We are at a very critical stage in our quest to save Wardenclyffe. There has been active interest in the property from other potential buyers. We must raise the money needed to purchase the property and begin its restoration in the next six weeks. We need over one million dollars! Please help us now!


* Individual contributions
* Fund-raising events
* Contact people you know
* Individuals/companies/foundations who could make a major contribution
* Celebrities who can publicize our goals




It’s time to roll up our sleeves and really get working!

We are at a very critical stage in our quest to save Wardenclyffe. We must raise the money needed to purchase the property and begin its restoration in a very short time. With the completion of the cleanup of the contamination, and the approvals by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), the site is now available for sale. That means that other interested parties may emerge who can purchase it, and the dream of creating a science center there will be lost. There is already a challenge to our acquisition of Wardenclyffe: another buyer is in discussion with the real-estate broker. There is no time to lose.

In 2008, New York State set aside $850,000 in a [clarification:] reimbursement grant toward money spent to purchase the property. Having been unable to raise the required money so far, we are now embarking on an international capital campaign to achieve our goal. To do this, we are spreading the word through social media and funding sites.

Our funding goals are explained on and right here. You can help. Please share this information widely, to everyone you know.

* Explain that it is important to preserve this historic site as an inspiration to young people who might go on to become inventors and scientists after learning about Tesla.

* Tell them that Tesla’s work formed the basis for so much of what we enjoy today: radio, robotics, remote control, the logic gate in computer languages, fluorescent lights, and of course, alternating current distribution, to name a few.

* Let them know about Tesla’s dream to provide free energy to everyone.

And then, encourage everyone to donate toward the purchase of Wardenclyffe.

Over the next six weeks we will be pushing hard for contributions. Large or small, each contribution adds to the goal. If you know people in science and engineering fields, ask them to contribute. If you mix with people who have wealth, ask them to contribute. Do you know any celebrities? Ask them to join us as spokespeople and contributors. Do your friends and family have electricity in their homes? Tell them to thank Tesla, and then ask them to donate. Hold a bake sale, a yard sale, a spaghetti dinner, and donate the proceeds. Throw your spare change in a jar, and after the six weeks, make a contribution. Whatever ideas you have that can help us in this serious drive to save Tesla’s last remaining laboratory anywhere on Earth, implement them, and donate!

Keep checking back here for updates on what we are doing to raise the money and to see how successful the campaign is going. Check our Facebook page (Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe) and follow us on Twitter  (#teslascience).

Thanks to we have begun to make this a reality. This is the beginning, and with your help, we can do it!