Visitor Information

Want to visit Wardenclyffe?

We’re sorry, but we are NOT open as a museum, yet.

The Wardenclyffe property will require time, work, and lots more money to be restored and renovated into a museum and learning center.

We’re working on it, though. In the short time since we purchased the property, thanks to the generous support of tens of thousands of donors worldwide, we have made huge progress toward reclaiming the grounds from decades of decay, and have begun preserving the laboratory building itself. With an all-volunteer Board of Directors, many volunteer workers, and the generous donations we continue to receive—and hope to receive in the future—the Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe is becoming a reality.

The site can be viewed from outside the fence, where visitors can see the statue of Nikola Tesla that was donated to us by the Republic of Serbia, the tower base where Tesla’s iconic transmitting tower once stood 187 feet tall, and the laboratory, designed by famed architect Stanford White, where Tesla once worked. Two information kiosks installed in 2015, outside the fence near the statue, provide additional information and photos.

You can find out more about current activities at Wardenclyffe by checking our Facebook page regularly, and signing up for our newsletter.

Thanks for your interest, and please support us in whatever way you can.

Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe
P.O. Box 552
Shoreham, NY 11786